Instructions for Research Essays

The title of the paper will be "Was Gaileo Guilty?"

Each essay should be five pages, excluding notes and bibliography, double spaced with 1" margins in a 12 point font, like Times.

As this is a research essay, you will be expected to find sources in addition to those provided in class to support your reasoning.
See Grading Scheme for additional information.
The bibliography should be in Chicago Style. For more information on writing essays see Essay FAQs.

Research essays will be written by individuals (with some help). You should complete a first draft no later than Monday Oct 01, and exchange drafts with another member of the class.
You should return an annotated draft to your partner on Wednesday Oct 03, and take your partner's comments on your own draft into account in writing your final draft.
The final draft is due 1:30 pm Wednesday Oct 10. Submit a printed copy of your paper in class on or before the deadline. Keep a paper copy and backup the file on your computer