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Science after Newton
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HSCI 3013 
History of Science to the Age of Newton


Robert Hatch's Scientific Revolution site

An extremely useful site by a distinguished historian of science. Supplement Hatch's bibliograpies by consulting the History of Science, Technology and Medicine database.

University of Oklahoma Image Galleries

This site offers full digital versions of many of the books we will be talking about. Note that it is divided by centuries. First find the century a particlur book was published, then select the author from the list on thenext page.

Dennis Duke's Ancient Planetary Models Animations

Go to this site for detailed animations of many astronomical models from antiquity through the Renaissance. Pick the version that will work best in your web browser.


Sites about important individuals

Andreas Vesalius

Images and translations from Vesalius' 1543 book on human anatomy. Like several of the sites listed on this page, new material is added periodically.

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Tycho Brahe

A exhibit of pictures about the life, work and influence of Tycho Brahe at the University of Oxford Science Museum.
Detailed pictures of Tycho's instruments are available at:

Galileo Galilei

The Galileo Project is a hypertext source of information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) and the science of his time. Authors:  Albert Van Helden, Elizabeth Burr (Rice University, USA)
Isaac Newton

Housed at Imperial College, London, the Newton Project aims at nothing less than making all Newton's published and unpublished writings available on the web.

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