3013-001 Research essay 1


You are expected to write one research essay, to build writing skills. Topics may be selected from the following list. Each essay should be 5 pages or 1250 words excluding notes and bibliography, and should cite at least three sources major sources and five minor sources, all not used in class. These may be books or articles but not web pages. We encourage you to discuss outlines and sources with us before you begin writing. See Essay FAQs linked to the course main web page for additional instructions and help.

The Research Essay may be submitted at any time up to the deadline, by delivering one hard copy to Dr. Barker during a regular class session, but the essay must be completed no later than Wednesday September 26.

1. How does a scientific explanation differ from a mythological one? As part of your answer give a detailed mythological and scientific explanation for the same phenomenon, from an historical period and culture considered in the course.

2. What arguments might a fair minded follower of Aristotle use to persuade a Pythagorean that the earth is stationary and in the center of the universe?

3. What basic astronomical phenomena did Eudoxus attempt to explain? How did Aristotle convert Eudoxus' mathematical models to a physical system of the world?

4. What account of health and disease in the human body emerges from the medical writings known as the Hippocratic corpus?

5. What was new about Ptolemy's explanation of planetary motion in the Almagest and the Planetary Hypotheses?

6. What were Galen's views on the nature and function of the heart and blood?

8. OPEN QUESTION: If there is a topic connected with this part of the course that you would like to write about, but that does not appear in the list above, you may request permission to write on that topic. Send the instructor a title, brief outline or indication of content, and a list of sources, no later than noon, seven days before the essay deadline. If you are authorized to write on the topic you proposed, you must follow all the style and length guidelines specified for research essay.

9. INTERNET Research Essay: The information available online about the history of science is problematic at best. For this alternative research paper choose a topic covered or connected to class material and research the online sources available. You must present a guide to these resources that can be published as a research aid online. The finished project should consist of 4 parts: (1) an opening statement (500 words min.) to demonstrate the fact that you have researched this subject and are informed enough to be able to critique the content of each of the sources you present. (2) 5 internet sources, including at least 2 poor sources you have selected, giving reasons for your evaluation based on reliable sources you have found (3) An overview comparing the sources, and indicating best and worst. (4) An annotated bibliography of online and print sources you would suggest to supplement research on this topic. Submit your Internet Resource essay, by email, to BarkerP@ou.edu as an attachment using a file format that will open in a web browser (for example: .html).