Extra Credit Assignments

Extra Credit assignments may be handed in at any time up to two weeks from receipt of grade.

You may raise your grade on an in-class examination by up to one letter grade by submitting a two page (500 word) answer to any essay that you did not attempt on the last in-class exam. You are strongly advised to consult the Instructor before beginning an Extra Credit Assignment. You may also bring outlines and drafts of your extra credit essay for criticism and improvement during regular office hours.

No extra credit will be available for the Final exam.

Special Extra Credit

Other Chances for Extra Credit: At any time during the semester attend a public lecture at the university on a subject connected with the history of science. For the current schedule of history of science lectures and colloquiua visit:
Write a two page (500 word) report on what you heard. In your report identify the main thesis or the most interesting idea presented by the speaker. Explain why you agree or disagree, giving reasons.