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Science before Newton
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HSCI 3023 
History of Science from Newton to the present

Isaac Newton

Housed at the University of Sussex, England, the Newton Project aims at nothing less than making all Newton's published and unpublished writings available on the web.

Charles Darwin

Permanent site for The Complete work of Charles Darwin online, edited by John van Wyhe at the University of Cambridge, England.

The Manhattan Project

The Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues provides a broad, balanced range of annotated references for the study of nuclear issues. This searchable collection includes books, articles, films, CD-ROMs, and websites. All annotations have been reviewed by members of the library’s prestigious National Advisory Board. Topics covered include the Manhattan Project, and subsequent nuclear issues that have influenced the evolution of science and technology, domestic politics and international relations in many countries, as well as the arts and humanities.

The bibliographic information in this website is freely available except for the text of the annotations, for which credit must be given; permission must be obtained for commercial use of the annotations. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
This is the electronic successor to the journal founded in 1945 by scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project at the University of Chicago. The index page and the command line show the famous 'Doomsday Clock'. The site offers a wealth of information on current nuclear isssues by international experts.

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