Wikipedia project instructions 2018

In weeks 7-13 (05 March - 25 April, 2018) students will collaborate on editing and writing Wikipedia pages.
The following week (April 30-May 02) students will complete individual Wikiportfolios describing their work.
Please enroll in the Wikipedia portion of the course by visiting:

Between March 05 and the week of 26 March, everyone will complete online training in editing and writing Wikipedia articles.
These assignments will be discussed in class, but the major part of the training will be available online at:

You should pay special attention to the modules on Wikipedia Essentials, Editing Basics, Evaluating Articles and Sources,
Sandboxes and Mainspace, Sources and Citations, Peer Review, and Plagiarism and Copyright Violation.

Each group will be write a new Wikipedia page or edit a series of existing pages, based on a list supplied by the Instructors or chosen by the group in consultation with the Instructors.
Each group member will contribute at least 5,000 characters. Contributions will be graded on content, style, and quality of supporting evidence, especially use and quality of references (see below).

Examples of pages that need editing are may be found under the 'Articles' tab on the course Wikipedia page. Scroll down until you see the heading "AVAILABLE ARTICLES." You are also strongly encouraged to suggest topics for new pages, or pages for revision.

Grades for the Wikipedia project will be assigned in two parts. Individuals will accumulate points towards their final grades for completing three benchmark tasks (opening an account and completing training by the week of 3-26-2018). Groups will be graded on their projects based on two benchmark tasks (submitting draft materials for peer review 4-16-2018; completing peer reviews 4-18-2018), plus a grade for the completed project (deadline 4-25-2018) based on style, content, and quality of supporting evidence especially use and quality of references. See the Wikipedia Grading Scheme.